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Accomodation, boarding for Your horse, all meals plus snacks and coffee are all included in the package deal

Price: 3500/person. Payment can be made to BG5030-9699 or on site. 

Please use the contact form above to register for this course.


Course schedule:

We start with a theory lesson after dinner where questions will be answered. We will learn about correct positioning and some useful info on how a cow works/moves.

After the theory lesson we will be going out to introduce the horses to cattle out on the field.

Saturday morning up until lunch we will ride 2 hours with 4 riders and focus will be on following the cow and fidning the right positions. Saturday afternoon we will do the same for 4 hours and 4 riders at a time. 

We are also going to start working in an A-pen, a first step towards Cutting training.

Sunday morning we saddle the horses och start working on Team Sorting. 2 riders will be working the cows for 3 to 15 minutes at a time, then we do a switch. After approximately 2 hours we will have a break and a snack/cool drinks before we proceed with the lessons for 2 more hours until lunch. 

While we eat lunch we´re going to have another 30 minutes of theory where questions can be asked, progress will be discussed and we will learn new techniques that we later on can implement in the training. 

Sunday afternoon we will saddle up our horses again and keep working on Team Sorting and cutting.

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