My Philosophy

My philosphy

I want to preserve the horses soul when working with it. My goal is for the horse to chose to work with me and this is why I believe that we have a responsibility for providing the horse with the right conditions so it can learn and develop as an individual and reach its full potential.

It is amazing to see how much these animals will do for us even though a lot of the tasks we present them with aren´t something they would do in the wild.

There are 4 key differences between the way a human and a horse works: the horse has no pride standing in its way, it doesn´t have an ego, it does not know what "losing" or "winning" means and the horse is always honest. 

I chose to honor every horses personality and to meet the horse on a mental level that allows for the human and the horse to develop together. 

As a riding instructor I always see both the horse and the rider - separately and as one.