We build on communication, respect & trust 

Discipline, respect and fear can in the eyes of an amateur look very similar, though the truth is: those factors could not be further apart from eachother.

In order to establish rules the horse has to learn respect, but in order to earn the horses respect I will have to show him that he can trust me. Those two go hand in hand. 

Only a horse that feels calm and safe can open up for learning new things and process new information.

" If the horse doesn´t understand your question then you´ve either asked the wrong question or you´ve presented it the wrong way "


Our riding lessons take place at the ranch. You are welcome to book a lesson whenever it suits You or maybe You would like to share the cost of an hour long lesson and participate in our Sunday lessons?

You can either take Your own horse or hire one of our well trained lesson horse.

We work with the basics in Western disciplines (and up to national championship level) but also English Dressage and Show Jumping.


Would You like to gather a group and book a course in groundwork or riding lessons? You´re welcome to contact us.

Lasse will come out to Your place and work with what You would like to develop in or need help with. 

Lasses best quality as a trainer is that he very quickly can see which piece of the puzzle is missing between a rider and their horse. This leaves more time for the two of You to work on moving forward in Your training and progress.


During spring/summer/fall we offer cow-courses at the ranch where You can learn how to work a cow with your horse. No previous knowledge or experience required. Here we will use our Team Sorting arena, next to other facilities, which adjoins an outside arena.

These courses are several days long and accomodation, boarding for Your horses, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and of course cosy barbeque nights are included in the package deal. 


This service is not aviably any more


I also work as a farrier, though my list of customers is currently full if Your horses needs farrier work to be done during its stay at our ranch I will be happy to personally take care of that.