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In midst of all the snow, I will let you know that soon the wait is over and when the green grass an clover have made their come back, we will get ready our horses and tack!

Come and register for this little retreat, where we will ride laugh, learn and compete!

Now we are counting down the days until summers most fun and exciting week! 

There will be riding lessons, training, ground work and round pen work, combined with a nightly trail ride and swimming with the horses in the midnight sun, barbeque nights with music and like minded company and fun activities such as throwing the lasso, air rifle shooting and mich more! 

... it really can´t get much better than this!



Is Your child interested in horses and would he or she like to learn how to ride?

You´re welcome to come and try my riding lessons for children on our ranch right outside Kalix! 

There´s no membership requirement - You pay for each lesson separately. Because of the corona-situation right now I only have one student at a time. This also gives me the opportunity to focus completely on Your childs progress throughout the whole lesson.

You pay for 45 minutes of which 20 minutes will be used to groom the horse, learn how to properly put on all the tack such as bridle and saddle - the remaining 25 minutes we will be riding.

I plan each lesson acoording to Your child´s experience and progress and we will focus a lot on seat and balancetraining, trust and confidence in the horse and getting up and off the horse, how to steer the horse correctly, slow down, stop etc.

If Your child would like to take regular weekly lessons we will implement shorter theory lessons throught the training where the student can learn facts about horses, how horses act and think, horse care (such as taking care of the hooves, the coat, feeding etc)

Janina, the instructor, and our lesson horse "Princess" (who is a sweet little Icelandic horse) are looking forward to meeting You!

Date is Booking side

Accomodation, boarding for Your horse, all meals plus snacks and coffee are all included in the package deal

Price: 3500/person. Payment can be made to BG5030-9699 or on site. 

Please use the contact form above to register for this course.


Course schedule:

We start with a theory lesson after dinner where questions will be answered. We will learn about correct positioning and some useful info on how a cow works/moves.

After the theory lesson we will be going out to introduce the horses to cattle out on the field.

Saturday morning up until lunch we will ride 2 hours with 4 riders and focus will be on following the cow and fidning the right positions. Saturday afternoon we will do the same for 4 hours and 4 riders at a time. 

We are also going to start working in an A-pen, a first step towards Cutting training.

Sunday morning we saddle the horses och start working on Team Sorting. 2 riders will be working the cows for 3 to 15 minutes at a time, then we do a switch. After approximately 2 hours we will have a break and a snack/cool drinks before we proceed with the lessons for 2 more hours until lunch. 

While we eat lunch we´re going to have another 30 minutes of theory where questions can be asked, progress will be discussed and we will learn new techniques that we later on can implement in the training. 

Sunday afternoon we will saddle up our horses again and keep working on Team Sorting.


After a (way too long) break in 2020 we can now confirm that we will be continuing our cow-courses this year at Gransätra Ranch!

Because of covid the number of participants we can accept will be limited. This decision was made so we can offer separate accomodations for our guests.

As always we follow the national guidelines for disease control. Common areas will be sanitized, desinfectants will be available and we will only participate if we´re completely healhty.



Now we´re excited to let You know that our Saturday lessons have started again, though they have turned into Sunday lessons.

Are You an experienced rider and would like to move forward in Your training? Or have You always wanted to learn how to ride? Then come and join us for Sunday lessons at Gransätra Ranch!

Or maybe You would like to try Western riding?

In that case we have two well trained lesson horses that You can ride.

Everyone is welcome- old or young, beginner or pro.

Contact us on: 0729644529 if You would like to join. No membership - You pay for each lesson separately!



From July 16th to July 18th 2022 Lasse will be holding a Cutting and Cow Horse clinic at Rajakorpi Ranch in Finland! That will be an interesting and educational weekend.