About Us


Welcome to Gransätra Ranch

Thanks for checking in! If You would like to find out a bit about us and the work we do You´ve come to right page.

I run this ranch together with my partner - and of course we can´t forget to mention our four-legged employees!

In the early days my kids also helped me running the business but most of them have moved out by now, apart from my youngest daughter Elin who still helps us from time to time.

When I´m not building an arena, new stalls or are planning other fun building projects (like the nature-trail course that will be built in the near future), give riding lessons, train horses or do farrier work I travel across the country to participate in competitions. 

We´re actually planning on competing at "Americana" in Germany. Check out our "News & Events"-page to follow us on our adventures!

Of course we also try to stay up to date when it comes to the new possibilities that the internet brings and we are planning on introducing training films soon. In those films we will cover everything from foal training to the basics of natural horsemanship, trailer loading and tips for preparing competitions and how You read a cow.


I started my career starting my first own colt Casper year 1996. I later competed with him in different disciplines of ground driving with satisfactory results.

During winter of 1998 i started Casper under saddle and together we competed in, amongst other competitions, the national championships up until year 2014 which is when one of my daughters started riding him. 

During 2017 my youngest daughter competed with Casper in Team Penning and Barrel Racing.

As You can see Casper is our oldest employee and today he has earned his retirement spending his last years grazing and taking it easy.

Jag började min karriär med att köra in min första häst Casper 1996. Honom tävlade jag senare i ett skogskörnings DM där vi vann 4:e platsen.

I myself have competed in the national championships 6 times - amongst other disciplines in Versatile Horse, Trail, Reining, Western Pleasure, Western Horsemanship, Roping, Working Cow Horse and Showmanship at halter with a 6th place in Reining and Trail and a 10th place in Western Pleasure and Showmanship at halter.

- Club/Division champion Reining 2016

- State champion Showmanship at halter 2017

Plans for the future

As You can see a lot has happened here during the last few years and we´re far from finished yet!

After the inside arena is done we are planning on building a nature trail course that we and our customers will be able to use. That´s going to be a lot of fun no matter if you´ve got two legs or four!

The new opportunities that our digital services are going to bring is another exciting development we´re really looking forward to. With the new digital training lessons we will be able to assist in the training of our customers horses without anyone having to travel anywhere too! Sometimes that can be quite useful, especiall during challenging pandemic times. This will open up new doors for personal coaching.

If anything exciting happens, like competitions or new courses, we will keep You guys updated on the "News & Events" page